36 Deadly Fists

Album: 2003 Demo (2011)

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Song: Everything Burns

Bitrate: 192kbps

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We started jamming in 1998 and started playing shows by December of 2000. Our line-up for the first demo was Christian on vocals (also now singing for The Gemini Method), Ray vocals (now singing for Full Blown Chaos), John on guitar, Grits on bass and TB on drums.

For the 2003 demo we slightly changed the line-up. Ray had left to sing for FBC so we became a 1 vocalist band, switched bass players to Mike Palmer who was an original member of the band that eventually became known as Sworn Enemy as well as playing bass for No Redeeming Social Value and Frontline. We also added Rich on 2nd guitar.

We played shows up till 2004 when we broke up, then in 2008
I (Christian) put the band back together with a new line-up. Today the band exists now with Christian on vocals, Sirvo on guitar, Dennis from HBS on guitar, Joe from LOS on guitar and Gary from HBS on drums. We'll be releasing a cd hopefully in the Summer of 2011.